GRIP means Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians

GRIP is a simple means to effect change.  This idea is not aligned with the right wing or the left wing, with Democrats or Republicans.  For years the two party system has been bankrupt.  They are two sides of the same coin.  There are plenty of ideas on how to fix things but GRIP is not about ideas that will be shot down due to differences of opinion.

The best idea is to think, vote and Get Rid of Incumbent Politicians.

From city to county to state to national government, politicians are making back room deals to enrich their friends and get re-elected.  It's time to end this.

We want to preserve and expand the promise that anyone can get as much and be as successful as they want. But they have to work for it. The government is not going to give it to you.  Given the choice of continuing to live in a country that over taxes its citizens and squanders our resources on political corruption or choosing to fight to preserve the ideal United States we grew up believing in, we will be patriots.

We don't need to fight and die to change things. We just need to GRIP.  The current 2-party system is flawed, stale, and hopefully dying.  Party candidates are selected and elected by voters along party lines without debate.  There are a multitude of issues and multiple viewpoints on every issue. That cannot be neatly summed up as Democrat or Republican.  We need change in the way things are done in politics.  Large corporations and special interests get their way in politics and regular Americans and small businesspersons have to take what the politicians decide.

Our representatives get elected and they become the junior assemblyman, congressperson or senator. They go to Washington and get trained on how it's done by the senior career politicians who are protecting their careers and not representing us.  We can change this if everyone votes. Listen to the candidates' debate the issues.  Vote on the best non-incumbent available.  Be skeptical of familiar names that are just moving up the political chain to higher office.  Get honest people who believe in American ideals.

An argument can be made that you can't just get rid of all incumbent elected officials. We say why not! Name 5 elected officials who are SO WONDERFUL that they must be returned to office. In those rare circumstances go ahead and vote for the best choice even if they be an incumbent.

A vote for GRIP is a vote against the current state of politics and the 2-party system.  Get a GRIP on our country.

Financial Reform has nothing to do with fixing what was wrong with the system that led up to the crash. It does have to do with Congress doing a dance for the voters so that they can go home and claim success.  If nothing else, it is clear that Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and Maxine Waters have no clue what the root cause was.  Instead, they have legislated loan underwriting standards that are already in place.  Imagine no more sub-prime or stated loans!  Is that news?  The big banks came away relatively scot free because they had lobbyists to water down the bill.

I voted for Obama and felt the great promise of feeling that I would actually have a government that was on MY side and was there to help me.  This was a never before felt feeling.  This is what government should be.  That feeling is gone as Obama has morphed into a politician.  We need so much more change to make this country great. 

One suggestion:  There needs to be a test on any proposed legislation and elected officials must sign an affidavit that they have read and understand proposed legislation before they are allowed to vote on a bill.

Is being anti-corporate corruption more a Democratic or Republican principle?  Is being anti-government waste... Is being for a strong military so we can defend ourselves and live forever without war touching American soil... Is that Democrat or Republican?

Fear is being used as a tool of manipulation in our society. It's how politicians peddle policy. Let us tell them; you're not there (in office) to worry about getting re-elected, you are there to represent us and to fix things!

It doesn't matter what your political ideology is.  If you believe in the founding principles of this country, don't call you congressman, just GRIP! We don’t need to lobby our representatives, we must become our representatives.

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