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Our country is in a state of dysfunction because as citizens we became disengaged and allowed democracy to wither. We need a wave of independent candidates to provide real choice for voters who have become frustrated voting for the lesser of two evils. We must move beyond lobbying our representatives and #BecomeOurRepresentatives. We need well-informed, committed, everyday American citizens to get involved and run for office. The entire U.S. House of Representatives is up for re-election every two years.

The important issues of medicine, education, science & technology, finance & economic development, war & peace, and the very liberties that make Our Country so special are all controlled by politics. The current leadership of both Democrat & Republican parties has failed us. An American Spring is needed to provide new leadership outside of the current system of incumbents and pre-selected successors. We need a #PoliticalRevolution where previously non-political citizens consider a period of service in leadership, not as a career but as a contribution to our American democracy and a path for personal development. A rebirth of grassroots democracy is necessary to bring intellectually honest, open, dialog back to Congress. Only through this transformation can We The People secure the blessing of liberty and move Our Country into a brighter new 21st century.

Please choose to #run4congress in our #PoliticalRevolution to deliver #ANewCongress that will work for all of us.
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